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My name is Doru

I'm originally from Romania but since the age of 7 I've been living in Italy.

The first PC I've ever touched was my uncle ex PC's at the age of 5. In my native town in Romania I used to go often to the library to play on the local computers. My family hasn't been rich enough to buy a computer just for the joy of their child.

Growing up, computers intrigued me even more and so I wanted to to build something onto them. At age of 11 years old I opened my first Minecraft server and from then I wanted to add more features to the server, more than was capable by using the things found on internet.

So I started my journey through this amazing world. I first learnt Java, that till this day remain the most elegant programming language I know, I then moved to web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Node, React. I also had experiences in other technologies like Python, C#, Lua and each day i try to learn something new from this astonishing world.

Location TimeZone
Rome, Italy GMT+1


February 2023

I've always wanted to have a portfolio. A place where I could put all the stuff that i worked on and share with other people. A place where anyone could see my works, give advices and get in touch with me.



September 2022 - Present

Lume is an ambitious new generation of news website. In the project each user has its own profile, articles section and can write new articles through the article editor built in lume.



April 2021 - Present

It's for sure my biggest project so far. A complex management around database, back-end, game, front-end and user-experience. FiveM is a modded version of GTA that allow to create your own server and grow up your community.



November 2018

My first web project. An webapp like tellonym or thiscrush added on the user instagram account as link. Its purpose is to allow users to receive anonymous messages from their followers.


Want to find more about me?

As you see in the photo I sometimes play chess.

I am a good storyteller. I've watched all the big TV Series that this world could ever give me and I am still waiting for something new to came. My favourite TV Serie? Mr. Robot.

I speak 3 languages: Italian, Romanian and English and I am currently struggling to learn the Russian language.

Another interest of mine is the society. I love to discuss about environmental issues, politics or history.

Talking about programming I try to learn something new every day. I love languages, language design and syntax, optimization, memory management, space and time complexity.

I love new-coming technologies. Blockchain, as the work behind it, fascinate me. I admire new languages, databases, or frameworks coming out.

Me playing chess
Me, trying my best at chess